Business Phone Systems, Voicemail & Paging


Phone systems have evolved in today's market to reach technological achievements giving most businesses what they both want and need at a more economical price.  Just like other markets many brands have poured in opening new options and wakes within the industry.  There are hundreds of brands and solutions circulating with the growing market with most having the same end result.  Sometimes it is hard to know what product or service to choose now days and truly understanding what you are getting is what matters most.    At HCI we understand this and which is why we strive to work with our clients to develop a phone solution that works best for each client.  We look over each avenue on each solution whether it is the traditional digital systems, IP systems or a hosted solution we ensure it meets both their needs and budget.  HCI has partnered with a multitude of manfacturers to provide unbaised solutions at an economical price.

VoIP Service, Phone Service & Consultations


Phone service has been drastically changing over the past few decades and with almost all providers already having transitioned to a Digital and IP based service type most companies find it hard to choose a provider in today's increasing markets.  At HCI we like to approach each client as a consultant and evaluate their existing services to better advise each customer of the options available for them.  We do this becuase most companies are over paying for there services and ensure we are looking out for the best interest of that company.  We start off by looking at what providers are available and the pricing structures each company has then compare those options.  We take this approach so not only we can provide an unbaised solution for your services but help our clients no matter which company they select.  We even offer our own program called Lines Plus which is where we either provide service or bill for the services as we manage the accounts on a monthly basis for our clients. We partner with other providers in order to achieve an ultimate customer satisfaction.

Surviellance Systems, CCTV


Like other markets CCTV has transitioned to IP based solutions. While this is not always a solution for every cleint we offer analog solutions for those existing systems and even have HD analog solutions that match the video performace of the IP systems without having to completely overhaul the CCTV system.  We push for budgetary solutions that fit our cleints needs by evaluating each scenario, whether it is upgrading a DVR to the latest HD product and upgrading the cameras one at a time for a low cost transition or a complete replacement for those looking to upgrade.  We can typically find a cost effective solution for every client we come accross.

Structured Cabling & Fiber Optics


HCI prides itself in the structured cabling market.  Over the years we have worked hard partnerning ourselves directly with manufacturers to give the best pricing possible.  We offer competitive market pricing on both products for purchase as well as competitive pricing on projects.  Our warehouse stocks ten and even hundreds of thousands of feet of wire and other parts and accessories on hand at all times.  We not only provide but install cabling of all types and fiber for existing and new construction applications.  We specialize in and can factory certify Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber and more.  Ask about our complementory 25 year end to end product warranty as it beats many of our competitors 15 year warranty offers.

IT, Network & Wireless Solutions


HCI offers networking equipment installation and service, along with PC service and maintenance.  HCI has partnered with Dell to provide cost effective solutions and deployment of Laptop's, PC's and Servers to our clients at a reasonable cost.  Our clients utilize our skills in basic deployment of systems as well as switches, routers and wireless solutions.  We develop indoor or outdoor wireless solutions for our clients of all sizes that far exceed a standard deploment used by a typical carrier solution.  We can service, maintain and repair PC's.

AV Solutions


HCI offers Audio & Visual solutions ranging from basic TV applications to projectors with audio.  HCI can build and install AV systems specific to your companies needs.


HCI offers a variety of services for businesses of all sizes. We staff well trained service technicians and most importantly offer 24 hour emergency services.

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HCI is partenered with over 100+ manufacturers between all our services to bring the best options for the best prices.  Visit our brands page to see some of the many options we have.


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